Who we are

Company profile

Transjanardo is a young company in great expansion. Founded in 2013, it is dedicated to the transport and storage of goods, also offers express service. The main concern of the company is customer satisfaction, traveling distances quickly and punctuality, ensuring safety and reliability in all transports. Aware that human resources constitute its most valuable asset, the company has a highly selected professional staff, using a modern trucking fleet.

We have a recent fleet with an average age of 4 years.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a service that represents a factor of competitiveness for the customer, in search of continuous improvement of processes, remaining as a reference in the area of transportation. Our human resources are an added value of the company, due to their competence and professionalism. Following the evolution of the market, we seek to train our employees combining the company's strategy, thus contributing to organizational and professional development.

Our promise

  • Provide high quality transportation services to all our customers
  • Invest in our team to provide better service and growth of the company
  • Concern about the environment according to current industry standards
  • Safety as top priority to ensure safe working procedures
  • Invest in technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective services
  • Meets the highest industry standards

Our values


Always evolving

We are concerned with the constant learning and evolution of our methods

Latest Technology

We invest in the latest technology enabling a highly competitive relative to the current market.

Safety and Quality

We are constantly reviewing the control processes to ensure customer trust in our services.

Care of the environment

We are demanding in the way we care to minimize environmental impact.

Provide logistics services.

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